Publicistika | Halas Časopis studentů Fakulty sociálních studií. 32. ročník

Roos Derks


Cultural pollution of Brno

My evangelical stance on the awesomeness of this city continues strongly. After some more months in this place, I have some new findings and old re-findings. That Brno is a great place to live is usually recognized by the international community. Unfortunately, this fact is still only scarcely recognized by the Czech people I meet randomly. — Roos Derks

Sociology of Tomorrow

This year the 4th student sociological conference, in the theme of Sociology of Tomorrow (Sociologie zítřka) was held at our faculty. For the first time it had an English section, which was great as it allowed me and some other international students to participate as well and integrate a bit more into the sociology department. It took place on 28th and 29th of November and allowed students to present whatever they wanted, within the broad theme of a Sociology of the Future. I can only talk about the English section, which was introduced by Werner Binder, and was followed by four english presentations. — Roos Derks

Houseparties in Brno

Of course I am a serious student focusing on long term goals and intellectual development. Though occasionally, I feel a strong need to go out, let go, consume and socialize. It always manages to put things into perspective. It is a universal need, and if you have ever been properly out of the country, you know nightlife is different everywhere. In the past months I have occasionally enjoyed the honor of being a guest at (nearly) fully Czech houseparties. It being my natural instinct combined with an incapability to understand the language I have often gone into “observer mode” at these events. So here is my outsiders perspective on how things go when people gather in Brno. — Roos Derks

“Why did you come to Brno?”

“Why did you come to Brno?” The phrase quickly became a familiar sound during encounters in my premature social life in this city. The question might as well have been: “How the hell did you end up in this hole?” Its honest curiosity, mixed with a genuine inability to think of any reason anybody would want to live in Brno. Why? — Roos Derks

An exchange of visions on American Foreign Policy

Edward Rhodes, former dean of the George Mason University in Washington, was a guest at our faculty to teach a course on American foreign policy from October 7 until 11. The following is an impression of the course and an account of my short meeting with the American professor after one of the lectures, who seemed most of all impressed by his students and happy to be in Brno. — Roos Derks