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Brno and Beyond: A storybook love

Do rubriky Fakultní ruchy napsal Katie Markert (Úterý,  9. květen 2017)

Deciding to study in Brno was a lot like being set up on a blind date. Two friends from my home university had studied at MU the previous fall and insisted I attend. They showered the city with complements and eagerly showed off all their pictures from the semester before. Next thing I knew, my bags were packed and I was on a plane to the Czech Republic.

As the Student Agency bus slowly approached my new home for the next four months, I was overwhelmed with emotions. I was so excited to explore Brno, but I was also nervous and overwhelmed by the unknown. What would the people be like? How would I adjust to living in a different country away from my family and friends?

The first few days were spent getting acquainted with the city. I started with the basics – visiting the important spots and monuments, trying to understand the history and exposing myself to the culture and traditions. I quickly realized I was developing feelings for my new home.

As the weeks passed, I began to find my rhythm. I scoped out my favorite restaurants and pubs and found the best places on campus to study. Before I knew it, living in Brno became second nature to me. It was then that I found out I was in love with the city.

In my short time here I have come to believe that nothing can beat the view from Špilberk Castle at sunset, or replace the music on the streets as you walk through the city center. I have come to remedy my lifelong distaste for beer when I realized that it is cheaper than water and grown fond of hearty meals of meat and bread.

One of my favorite parts of Brno, and the Czech Republic for that matter, is the location in relation to the rest of Europe. Its central position has made it very easy to travel to both neighboring countries and the greater Europe on the weekends. That being said, traveling within the Czech Republic to World Heritage sites such as Český Krumlov have also been highlights for me.

Now, when I talk about Brno, I can’t help but gush. In a lot of ways, it reminds me of my home in the United States. I know I have a lot more to discover, but I really cannot say enough good things about both living and studying here. When I return to my home university, I know I will try my best to encourage other students to spend their semester abroad in Brno. Maybe, if they are lucky, they will fall in love with Masaryk University too.

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