Conflict in Identities, Identities in Conflict | Halas Časopis studentů Fakulty sociálních studií. 32. ročník

Conflict in Identities, Identities in Conflict

Do rubriky Fakultní ruchy napsal Ali Türünz (Pondělí, 29. listopad 2010)

Speakers from the world. Discussing identity from various views. The 10th anniversary of the conference “Conflict in Identities, Identities in Conflict” was hosted at our faculty on Oct 15 – Oct 16.

The Center for Cultural Sociology and the Department of Sociology at Masaryk University hosted ten speakers from the universities in Australia, Czech Republic, England, Israel, Italy, Serbia, Sweden and the United States. The speakers discussed identity from various frameworks, such as, ethnicity, migration, collective memory, cultural trauma and consumption. Each presentation, including the discussion period lasted 60 minutes. The debate time provided the audience to express their comments and the speakers to clarify their points. Csaba Szaló, one of the organizers of this event with Radim Marada stated, “It is impossible to actually develop your argument and discuss deeply things in ten or fifteen minutes, and we really wanted to have this kind of sphere where communicative action, debate and arguments can be all developed”.

A PhD student of Sociology at FSS, Petr Sič said, „The conference is an interesting opportunity to meet the ‚celebrities‘ in sociology and it is one of the ‚must see‘ conferences here“.

The Center for Cultural Sociology at FSS, which hosted the conference, allies with the cultural sociology tradition at Yale University.

The conference attracted high attendance of the students of sociology. The program also included the opening party of “International Festival of Identity” in Café Trojka, which luckily coincided with the theme of the conference.

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